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The church of the twenty-first century faces many crises. One of the most serious is the crisis of preaching. Widely diverse philosophies of preaching vie for acceptance among contemporary clergy. Some see the sermon as a fireside chat; others, as a stimulus for psychological health; still others, as a commentary on contemporary politics. But some still view the exposition of sacred Scripture as a necessary ingredient to the office of preaching. In light of these views, it is always helpful to go to the New Testament to seek or glean the method and message found in the biblical record of apostolic preaching.

Mission George Verwer

The Rising of the Cross



A Syrian Convert from Islam to Christianity




For Forty-one Years a Missionary in Syria

This book has been written as a labor of love. Its subject was one of nature’s noblemen.

It is not easy for a Mohammedan to embrace Christianity, but Kamil’s history shows that when he is converted the Moslem becomes a strong and vigorous Christian. The element of divine truth which Mohammed derived from the Old and New Testaments, and which runs like a vein of gold through that extraordinary book, the Koran, teaching the existence and attributes of God, the responsibility of man, and a final judgment, is a good foundation to build upon.

But to reach the foundation to sweep away the rubbish of childish fables, traditions, and perversions which overlie the original monotheism of the Old Testament, and disarm the accumulated prejudices of twelve centuries—this is the work of the divine Spirit.

Kamil was plainly taught by the Spirit, who revealed Christ to him as his personal Saviour. May it prove to be true that he was but the first-fruits of a mighty harvest to be gathered for Christ among the Mohammedans of the Arab race.



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When I look back over forty years of teaching, I sometimes think I must be the most inarticulate writer and speaker in the history of the world. I wonder about that when I read interpretations of my teaching from the pens of other people, particularly from those who are hostile to what I declare. Frequently the distortions are so great that I cannot recognize my own position in the criticism. It may be helpful in trying to interpret mine or any other teacher’s declarations by looking at their geographical backgrounds. I grew up in the city of Pittsburgh, in a blue-collar environment, yet in a white-collar home, and so one can see that the perspective I have on life will differ from those people who grew up in southern California or Alabama. Nevertheless, to interpret my teachings simply on the basis of my Pittsburgh background would be utter nonsense.

The New Atheism and Christianity




Christ and Postmodernism
The Way Course

The Way course is for all people who are seeking a meaning to life.If you want to know if christianity has something to give you this is just for you.It is a free course you can download on the front of this website.If you want to be happy this will help you.

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An Unpublished speech given by missionary Cornelia Dalenberg
at the First Reformed Church of South Holland, Illinois in 1936

The message of Christianity to the unevangelized world is salvation by way of the Cross of Christ. That was the message of Paul, and it is our message today. The need for it is as great now as it was then. The meaning of the message has not changed, and its power to transform lives has not grown less. It is this message that will reconcile the world to God.


Paul, in his Second Epistle to the Corinthians, in speaking of God reconciling the world unto Himself through Jesus Christ, says that unto us has been given the word of reconciliation. Therefore, he says, "we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us, we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God."

Every missionary then, who carries this message of reconciliation to the unsaved world, is an ambassador of Christ, an ambassador sent out by the church. And when a missionary returns he is, in a sense, an ambassador from the mission field with a message for the church at home. If the people among whom I have been working could have sent you a message, it would have been about the power of the Cross of Christ in Arabia.


The Injil Of John Course
The Injil Of John Course is for all Muslims seeking to Know more about  Isa.It will help you to find true salvation,it will help you to know God deeper.
Samuel Zwemer Theological Seminary

Welcome to Samuel Zwemer Theological Seminary.We are evangelicals who provide free Bible teaching online.The site will appeal to four types of people.1:First time seekers after God.The Way Course and The Injil of John Course,are simple introductions to the christian message.2: Christians who want to grow in faith.There are courses and free books you can download and audio lectures you can listen to.For example ,Pastor Alan Redpaths course on Spiritual Growth is a good place to start.3: Christians who want to be prepared for  service in the Lord's work.We also have many courses and books you can access for free online.4: Academics,Journalists,Politicians,Teachers and others who want to learn about Christianity and how it is relevant  in their particular field.


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April 02, 2014
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The purpose of the seminary is to glorify the triune God by training his servants to walk in God's grace, Minister God's word, and equip God's people for God's Mission.

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If you want ot reach out with the gospel we have courses by George Verwer a powerful  defender of missions.Hear are some thoughts to help you to not give up but keep preaching the gospel.

"The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest" -- Luke 10:2 (New King James Version)

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We are conservative Evangelicals.

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The Voice of His Blood”: Christ’s Intercession in the Thought of Stephen Charnock
Gavin Ortlund is a PhD student in historical theology at Fuller Theological Seminary and serves on staff at Sierra Madre Congregational Church in Sierra Madre, California, where he lives with his wife and son.
The nineteenth-century Scottish Presbyterian theologian William Symington wrote concerning Christ’s intercession, “in a practical and consolatory point of view, its interest is not exceeded even by the Atonement. The two are, however, inseparably connected; although we fear that, in this instance, men have not been sufficiently aware of the evil of putting asunder what God has joined together.”1 It seems that in much contemporary evangelical thought the doctrine of Christ’s intercession has been underappreciated or neglected, despite its rich “practical and consolatory” significance.2 In circles where people have explored the intercessory work of Christ, there has been considerable disagreement as to its relationship to the broader saving work of Christ and especially Christ’s atoning death. William Milligan, another nineteenth-century Scottish Presbyterian theologian, argued that just as the high priest’s sprinkling blood in the Holy of Holies marked the completion of the Day of Atonement sacrifice in Lev 16, so Christ’s heavenly intercession marks the completion of his earthly atoning death. As with the type, so with antitype: the work of atonement is not complete until the presentation of the sacrifice.
Jesus Christ, Anointed One
Throughout the New Testament, we encounter many titles for Jesus of Nazareth—“Son of God,” “Son of Man,” “Lord,” and others. However, the title that is given to Jesus most often in the New Testament is one that is familiar to us, but one that we do not understand well. It is the title “Christ.”

Why do I say that we do not understand this title well? I say it because “Christ” is used so often in conjunction with “Jesus” that we tend to think of it as His last name. However, “Christ” is not a secondary name for Jesus; He would have been known as “Jesus Bar-Joseph,” meaning “Jesus, son of Joseph.” Rather, “Christ” is Jesus’ supreme title. But what does it mean?
Why Follow Jesus?

In today’s culture, we are more pragmatic than reflective. Obsessed with knowing what works and how it works, we strive to repeat the formula. We are less concerned with why things work. Discipleship is no exception. Many have traded in the why for the how, motivation for the best practice. This is disconcerting. The reason for this is that practice can take us only so far. When hardship hits, practice needs motivation to continue.


Love That Is Patient and Kind Dr R C Sproul

First Corinthians 13 is one of the most famous passages in all of Scripture, for in it the Apostle Paul gives us a marvelous exposition of the character of godly love. He starts by showing the importance of love, writing that if we have all kinds of gifts, abilities, and achievements but lack love, we are nothing (vv. 1–3). Then, in verse 4, he begins to describe what godly love looks like, saying, “Love is patient and kind,” or, in the wording of a more traditional translation, “Love suffers long and is kind” (NKJV). I find myself intrigued by this pairing— patience and kindness. Why did Paul place these traits first in his description of love, and why did he pair them?Paul tells us that love is patient, that it “suffers long.” I like this more traditional translation because it conveys the idea that loving others can be difficult. Loving people means we do not write them off the first time they offend us. In our relationships, we tend to be far more patient with some people than with others. If a longtime friend does something to irritate or annoy me, I usually say, “Oh, that’s just his way, that’s his personality, we’re all human, none of us is perfect.” I make allowances for him. But if I meet another person and find that he behaves in exactly the same way my friend behaved, I might want nothing more to do with him. We tolerate things in our friends that we will not tolerate in strangers.
Dr. Keith Essex Old Testament Studies

Pilgrims in a Post-Christian Culture

In John Bunyan’s classic The Pilgrim’s Progress, the Wicket Gate is a symbol for entrance into the Christian life. There, the main character, Christian, encounters the gatekeeper, Good-Will. Their encounter, like the rest of the book, is filled with layers of meaning to which modern pilgrims would do well to pay attention:

So when the pilgrim was fully inside, Good Will asked him, “Who directed you to come this way?”

CHRISTIAN: Evangelist exhorted me to come this way and knock at the Gate, just as I did. He further told me that you, sir, would tell me what I must do next.

GOOD-WILL: An open door is set before you, and no man can shut it.

CHRISTIAN: Now I begin to reap the benefits of my hazards.

GOOD-WILL: But how is it that you have come alone?

CHRISTIAN: Because none of my neighbors saw their danger as I saw mine.

The Theology Of Doug Wilson

Almost,” or Hardly, Human Eric Lyons, M.Min.

In April 2008, National Geographic published an article by Mary Roach titled “Almost Human” (213[4]:124-145). In the article, Roach highlighted the savanna-woodland chimps that she observed while visiting anthropologist Jill Pruetz in eastern Senegal, West Africa. Roach was mesmerized by chimpanzees “dropping from the trees and moving out into the open expanses of the savanna” (p. 132). She wrote: “It is as though we are watching time-lapse footage of human evolution, the dawn of man unfolding in our binoculars” (p. 132). The chimps of eastern Senegal soak in water holes, use teeth-sharpened sticks to spear hand-sized bush babies, laugh, kiss, pick their scabs, and do many other things that allegedly reveal “how similar they are to us” (p. 144). Supposedly, the chimps are “almost human” (p. 125).

Unfortunately, evolutionists so often overlook the chasm that separates man and chimp. Although evolutionists are fond of focusing on the similarities between humans and chimpanzees in order to bolster the case for human evolution (similarities that might also be found among other animals as well), the fact remains that man can do many things that animals never have been (and never will be) able to do.

Desiring God Ministries

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